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"Spark is by far one of AdvoCare’s number one products! I was given a spark from a friend after I told him I needed a Red Bull to make it through the day. I have never had a Red Bull since that first Spark and can not go one day with out it now. What I like about Spark is that it is sugar free, it has 21 vitamins and minerals, it gives you mental focus and it doesn’t make you crash. I am forever grateful that I was introduced to Spark after recently discovering how dangerous those popular energy drinks are." - Michelle H.

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"I began using Spark a little over two years ago. I was a high school teacher and a coach. I was over weight and tired. I was working sixty hours a week and did not have enough time with my family. I tried one Spark and felt amazing. It gave me the energy I needed after a long day of teaching to be able to give my athletes the attention they needed. It also gave me enough energy to do the things that needed to be done around the house afterwards so I could be a better husband." - Jesse R.

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AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink

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AdvoCare Spark Energy DrinkAdvoCare Spark is the best energy drink on the market. It not only gives you healthy energy through vitamins and a sugar-free blend of high-quality ingredients, but it lets you focus. You will be at your sharpest on Spark. AdvoCare has pumped 21 vitamins, nutrients & minerals into this formula and they all come together to give you the most advanced energy drink in the world. No crashing! Avoid the crash that goes along with Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, Rockstar, Monster, Full Throttle, Amp and other drinks. If you need a pick-me-up in the morning or in the middle of the day for a meeting or a butt-kicking work-out, Spark is for you. There are plenty of great AdvoCare Spark flavors to choose from, you will, no doubt, find one that you love!

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Drew Brees, Super Bowl MVP, NFL New Orleans Saints Quarterback - AdvoCare Endorser Carli Lloyd - Professional Soccer Player - AdvoCare Endorser
Kyle Orton - NFL Quarterback Mary Jo Sanders - Professional Boxer
Michael Mills - World-Class Racer Michael Redd - NBA Star Player
Veronica Campbell-Brown - World Champion Sprinter, Track & Field Star Rod Pampling - PGA Tour Golfer

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